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80 job categories barred from getting driving licenses in Qatar.

To address traffic jams in Qatar, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) has restricted 80 more job categories which have now been added to current list which includes 150 professions from getting driving licenses.

Some of the job categories which have been banned from applying the driving license  include beautician, tailor, newspaper seller, helper, cosmetologist, mining technician, cashiers, gatekeeper, cooks, goldsmith, agricultural worker, mechanic, bakery worker, henna maker, hairdresser, photographer, security guard maid, butcher, electricians and grocery workers.

“There are so many people on the roads. Perhaps the government thinks there are so many professions which don’t need a driving license,” one instructor, who asked to be unnamed, told Doha News. He also requested that these categories should be provided with company’s transportation from the companies they are working.

Nevertheless, this ban is valid for company workers only. A range of different options should be always considered. Housewives sponsored by their husband and the students above the age of 18 under parents sponsored are eligible.

This restriction has been done in order to reduce the number of deaths, harms due to road accidents. However, security guards, mining technicians, goldsmith, tailors, porters, decorators assistant and newspaper sellers are mostly affected by this restriction.

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