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Five reasons to list your business in an online business directory

Online business directories are the digitized version of the regular yellow pages – a source of
business listings, under specific categories. Many businesses overlook advertising or listing on this
online platform, as they are still unclear of the benefits. However, getting listed on a well-established
online directory enables users to instantly identify, learn about, and contact businesses relevant to
them. If used judiciously and smart, online business directory listings can work wonders for your

Drive specific audience

Online directories connect users with relevant businesses. Online directories help businesses add a
diverse range of information that helps them target specific customers. So, even if the customer isn’t
actively looking for your business, when customers search on a directory for the service you provide,
your business gets listed as a top pick. This type of advertising comes at a very low cost, and offers
instant brand association. However, always check and update your listings frequently and regularly.

Improve local visibility and faster discoverability:

Online directories have advanced filtering systems in place to help customers search for appropriate
services. This means that it allows users to search by specific criteria, such as location, category and
service. This level of complex data categorizing guarantees that your business is visible to the
immediate local community.

Increase online presence:

Unless your website is search engine optimized (SEO), it takes a while to be listed on the first page of
a Google search result. Online business directories, on the other hand, have a good SEO score and
therefore, high quality and relevant traffic. This makes it trusted by Google. Therefore, getting listed
in an online business directory ensures that you have a chance of benefitting from their well-
established SEO and being ranked higher on Google search results. Additionally, online business
listings also support your already existing information and give it extra validation.

Brand Awareness:

Listing your business in more than one online directory, and providing a solid brief about your brand
under that listing, ensures that customers who search for specific services are always lead in your
direction, and are able to associate that service with your brand.

Brand Reputation:

Business directories are a great repository for customer reviews. When customers tag their positive
experiences with your brand on these directories, it enhances your brand reputation and increases
customer trust in your brand.

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