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Cachet Exclusive Living

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Ms. Mouna Mejri

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Many of our inspirations come from original antiques that Jonathan discovers in his travels. Sometimes, we will reproduce them as accurately as possible, while at other times we will take a detail that we like and design a completely new piece of furniture around that feature.

Oftentimes, we will start the design process from scratch. We gather inspiration from a variety of sources – be it a classic wallpaper design, nature, classic antiques, a rare object, or jewelry.

We never design to the limitations of our factory, and have actually expanded our factory as we have developed new skills in advanced marquetry, bronze casting, hand carving and much more.


We never compromise on design and would be foolish to compromise on quality. Only the finest materials are used in our furniture. We also employ inspectors that ensure technically-sound components and design throughout the process. These experts oversee production, checking in at key transaction points so that nothing is overlooked. Before an item is packaged, it is reviewed with a keen eye and must pass a comprehensive checklist by our quality control inspector.



If we were to embark on a mission to captivate, beguile and bewitch the world with beautiful things, we would need a constant stream of ideas for all the shapes and forms, and these would be described as beyond fashion; because they should last.


We would need dazzling materials, taken out of the ground, that have the power to cast a spell. They would be put together with such skill, and in such a way that their most delightful characteristics become impossible to ignore.

There would have to be Craftsmen, with infinite skills, who would understand the eccentricities of so many natural, precious and complex materials and have the will to forge and bend them in endless new directions.

In the end they would be the proud result of the work of so many hands, that we would Hallmark them as proof of their heritage.

Every now and then we’d throw in something daft like the Duck Feet Lamp so we weren’t taking ourselves too seriously. And we would do this in England.

Destined for the world’s most beautiful interiors.

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Contact Person

Ms. Mouna Mejri

Sales Manager

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